Friesians from Holland for sale

Gelding 5 years

The Friesians, (also Frisians) are horses being originally breed in Friesland, a province of the Netherlands.

These black horses are truly a proud of the Netherlands. They often are named “Black Pearls” of Holland. It is not possible to confuse a Frisian with any other breed. With a black outfit and large size, Friesian horses always look very impressive.

Friesian horses are graceful giants of the Netherlands. They are flexible and reliable under saddle. Those elegant black horses are popular in both Europe and the United States.

Today, they are often used for pleasure riding, and as means of transportation. Friesian horses also do very well in horses competitions due to the elegant movements, trainability, appearance, power, and body control.

Dutch Friesian stables

At the stables of Holland you can always find a Friesian of your taste. The stable is engaged in breeding and raising young Friesian horses for 15 years.

This stable, which specializes in Friesian horses, is known for its professional attitude and at the same time in the gentle treatment to its horses. The black beauties – the Friesians - have always a well-groomed look.

The horses are prepared for sale and delivered to the hands of new owners in first class condition. Friesians are steadily sold to: Germany, Austria, France, Mexico, Canada and America. Occasionally, they are sold to other countries as well, all over the world.

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